Best Exterior Renovations for Selling Your Home

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 by Josh Hudson

Home in the woods after exterior renovations

Best Exterior Renovations for Selling Your Home

Most families rarely purchase anything more expensive than a house, and the enormous responsibility of owning a home means constant upkeep and maintenance. When selling your home, you'll need to figure out the best exterior renovations and projects that will enhance curb appeal and which won't break the bank.

Necessary Repairs Versus Vanity Renovations

You don't want potential home buyers to arrive at your home and mutter, "well, it could do with a new coat of paint…" However, sometimes a coat of paint isn't the most important feature on your home that needs repair and renovation. The loose shingles on your roof that aren't visible from the street? Those need to take priority over paint, shrubs, and a new mailbox.

One of the most essential ways to choose which renovations would suit your home best is by dividing those renovations into one of three categories:

  • Repairs. These projects need to be finished before you list your house. You don't want to have to tell buyers to expect leaks in the bathroom on rainy days because the roof has a hole in it.
  • Upgrades. After taking care of the repairs, look for ways to upgrade old features on your home. Perhaps a better door, a fancier mailbox, or some exterior paint.
  • Renovations. The largest and most significant projects fall under this category. A new roof, new siding, or new windows require a bigger budget but may significantly improve the first impression a buyer has upon driving up to your home.

Your repairs will take precedence over most other projects. You don't want broken windows, loose siding, and a non-functioning doorbell to greet your buyers when they arrive. Likewise, make sure your renovation budget covers everything that buyers might perceive as a hassle when they tour your home.

Remember: Exterior renovations are essential because of the strength of first impressions.

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A home needs to be visually appealing to encourage a sale. Even in a market where homes are selling quickly and at full asking prices, it is still crucial to spruce up your home and prove that it is worth every penny you are asking for it.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Whether your home is worth a million dollars or $100,000, the wrong renovations can lead to a little chaos when you list it on the market. For example, did you know it's possible to go overboard with your improvements?

MSN's Real Estate experts suggest that one of the worst mistakes you can make when you're preparing your home for sale is to go further with renovations than your home's location requires.

A common mistake homeowners make is improving a home too much for the neighborhood, turning the home into a pricey outlier.

You might think that new pool in the backyard added $50,000 to the value of your home, but that figure might be a little high if your home was already one of the most expensive in the neighborhood.

Remember the adage about real estate: "location, location, location." A home with a pool in a depressed neighborhood will still be located in a depressed neighborhood where a pool might not add too much to the value of the home.

Don't Forget the "Free" Improvements

After getting the roof repaired, the siding fixed, and some new frames on the windows don't forget the free improvements that don't take anything more than a weekend and some elbow grease.

Take care of these projects before your first open house:

  • Wash the windows, particularly the ones along the front
  • Make sure the kids' toys aren't strewn about the lawn
  • Trim the dead leaves off the plants and foliage around the home

Get Professional Advice on Your Exterior Renovation Project

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